Papelustro's NetworkedBloggers, please confirm me as A Portuguese Love author!

My other blog, A Portuguese Love, is among the blogs with 20 or less followers on Facebook NetworkedBlogs. It's a bore because I am not recognized as its author. Confirmation is pending for months already! It only takes 6 confirmations for that to happen! I just have one! A Portuguese Love blogue has been abandoned for several months. I did not care for it much. So no one really cares much for it either. Anyway I promise myself that I will update it more often in the next months. News on new products, reviews on favourite Zazzle stores. Notes on Portuguese culture, food, music. Maybe some freebies! But if you are in NewtworkedBlogs can I ask that you confirm me as an author? I do not know why but A portuguese Love widget isn't working for that purpose. Maybe something I did wrong, I do not know. Many thanks! No collages today!

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ElkArt51 said...

Greetings my friend xxxx Gra ;0)


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