Once upon a time in countries not so far away many paper creatures were trapped inside fashion magazines. They wanted to come out and have a life of their own. Everytime a lady picked up a magazine in the hairdresser they shouted as loud as they could but their little voices were no more than whispers. No one ever took notice of them among the chic and lavish pages.Year after year lots of screams echoed inside the paper recycling machines as they were sentenced to death!The paper creature's voices were too weak to be heard by common human earing.One day Papelustro was alone in her house and very sad because she had no money to buy crayons. Just to kill time she started to read an old fashion magazine and suddenly a tiny voice cryed for help from inside. It was a Lady with blue skin dressing in leopard fur...And then another one!It was a Pirate with a vodka bottle leg!And then a Warrior with an armour made of furniture!!! First she thought she was dreaming as she dreams constantly.But it was real! Immediatly she started to give them freedom with a simple scissor and glue and forgot about the crayons.She got a lot of magazine fashion paper friends and now she never feels alone. Now the paper creatures are ready and willing to carry messages of friendship, adventure and dreams to your friends and loved ones...in great style! Papelustro knows they want to be your friends too. The end...or is it the begining?
Several persons contacted me for the past 3 years of Papelustro wanting to buy some of my collages.I know that this option I made for a Zazzle store is more convenient for USA people.In the near future I'll think about another solution. I hope you like the way it turned out.I want to thank you for all the support and interest on my Papelustro.

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